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Ambi set to become Anoka’s first official wine bar

Ambi Wine Bar Coming Soon

Anoka, MN, December 6, 2018 - Ambi Wine Bar prepares to become Anoka’s first official wine bar after rezoning. Adding to a growing trend of energetic upstarts in the area, Ambi will be located in Anoka’s Historic Entertainment District at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Jackson Street, just off of Main Street.

Ambi’s goal is to help cultivate Anoka’s forward progress, bringing more people into the area and introducing them to the town’s charm. The bar will offer a “Classically Anokan” vibe with a modern twist, complementing the town’s existing lineup of local businesses while filling a void in Anoka’s Historic Entertainment District.

For tourists, Ambi will provide respite after a day of shopping the city’s many antique and boutique stores or after a night at the theater. For locals, Ambi will be a meet-up space for friends taking part in the city’s many traditions.

The bar’s historic ambiance will pair a warm setting with the energy of live acoustic music and rotating galleries from local artists. Ambi’s menu will feature a strong assortment of wines, as well as a curated assortment of local goodies. On select days of the week, Ambi’s bar space will be available for private events. Ambi is planning to open in the spring of 2019.

Ambi is raising funds on Kickstarter. Contributions will be used to help complete renovations and to create a community-centric atmosphere that features the businesses and individuals who backed the company. Some of the renovations include: plumbing, electrical upgrades, storage/refrigeration, appliances, signage, a locally made bar, installation of a new floor, and state and municipal fees.

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The Ambi Team

Jess Protivinsky-Pratt: As a small business owner with thousands of delighted clients over the years, Jess knows the community and has a proven track record of operating a business. At Ambi, Jess will lead the company’s operations.

“When I first experienced the community of Anoka rallying together for events like Rediscover Anoka Days and Over The River & Through the Shops, I fell in love. When we first started talking about opening a wine bar, I knew Anoka was the perfect spot.”

-Jess Protivinsky-Pratt

Jimmy Good: Jimmy is an entertainment industry entrepreneur and a lifelong resident of Anoka. He will head up Ambi’s Public Relations, building enduring relationships between Ambi and other local businesses.

“There is something about this place that really draws good people to it. Ambi strives to be everything that Anoka already is: warm, inviting, and understanding to everybody.”

-Jimmy Good

Ythan Pratt: Ythan has spent a decade working in advertising, supporting some of the world’s most recognizable brands in their digital marketing efforts. For Ambi, Ythan will lead the company’s marketing efforts.

“Ambi wants to show the world what ‘Classic Anoka’ means. Our goal is to draw people into the city for a day of shopping, recreation on the river, and the city’s many traditions.”

-Ythan Pratt

About Ambi Wine Bar

Ambi Wine Bar, Anoka’s first official wine bar was founded by three friends from the Anoka area who share a vision for the city’s future and a commitment to improving the community. As a team, they’re creating a one of a kind wine bar experience that goes beyond the glass.

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Jimmy Good


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